~~CHICAGO, June 15  1995 /PRNewswire/ --

Chicago artist Mimi had opened an Oak Street gallery in 1995-- Mimi Galerie, 56 East Oak Street, Chicago where she initiated an awakening in ‘chicago in art’ and she was joined for the 1st time by other Chicago based artists.

The galerie opening created a unique vision in the art experience as we know it today.  The exhibition announced : Mimi's painting's "Old Paris, Old Chicago" are pastels depicting urban Chicago and Paris and the Franco-American love story...  with urban landscapes inspired by the French Impressionists and Fauvists  Mimi paints ‘love’ exclusively in the open air, outdoors, in natural light.

The galerie celebrates with mimi Chicago artists including: Adam Johnson, Ingrid Heuhofer Dohm, Dr.Shawn Delater and Jean Frederic Brun.

"Chicago's beauty comes alive when it's painted by artists who live in and love the City… yet in gallery world politics it's nearly impossible for a Chicago artist to have a gallery show their work," Mimi said.  One of her dreams is to see that reality transformed globally. 



 "I  try to paint the essence of love through images, to portray the magic in even the tiniest everyday things we do and places we see." 
— mimi





The mimigalerie.com website is temporarily off-line because mimi is opening a new chapter of her artistique life and journey.



In early 2012 mimi made a choice between the galerie demands and her personal evolution and legacy.  This choice inspired her to re-locate her journey to Paris, France where she resides today along with the south of France.



The next chapter for mimi involves the co-creation of a Beaux-arts philosophy which combines the early Renaissance spirited apprentice style schools together with a contemporary Modern art learning experience. In addition, mimi is on a journey to inspire great change in the maniere in which art is exhibited and experienced globally.




Mimi plans to release publishings of her "writing" goals together with ateliers mimi international, inc. Copyright by 2015 to be released and opened as a Franco-American project.


Her project is also a desire to heal much of the American suffering which can be in France resulting from the 2nd WW in which her only uncle, almost 90 yrs old today, survived landing on D-Day in Normandie, France.



We hope you stay tuned !


In the spirit and philosophy of mimi galerie we wish you the Peace and Harmony of Love and Light



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